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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

World Cerebral Palsy Day? by mommy Jess

Stumbo Family Story

Today is world cerebral palsy day. Do I wish one a happy world cerebral palsy day? Is it something we celebrate? Of course not, but the mischief maker in me does wonder what would happen if I did something on this day other than think about cerebral palsy?

What if instead of finding time to fill out my daughter’s disabled parking placard application today (seriously, are they ever going to just give us a permanent plate?), or rifling through files to find that one doctor, that one time, who accurately diagnosed her vision problem so I can follow-up, or trying to discern whether our new insurance policy is better or worse I instead used that time to make scrapbook pages for her dusty baby book parked high and untouched on our closet shelf?

What if instead of making sure Greta’s leg brace sock matched her dress so that her preschool teacher would find her cute, instead of intently scrubbing the ice cream (I kind of let her eat) for breakfast off her face, instead of taming her crazy curls I just shoved her feet into some rain boots and let her jump in every puddle she could find on this rainy day?

What if instead of spending all night trying to understand the medical neurology articles I dredge up regarding chronic periventricular hemorrhage, the functionality of the corpus callosum in one's brain, or the causes of infant stroke I instead commented on people’s Facebook posts?

What if I stopped trying to construct a careful narrative to help explain to her, and you, and everyone else and just shrugged it off as a funny quirk -this stroke- maybe it wouldn't hurt so relentlessly?

Well, I guess that last one is a little too far-fetched even for this dreamer. But maybe, just maybe, world cerebral palsy day could be something else for me, if not for our little family.  A day to stop thinking about cerebral palsy.

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