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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two by mommy Jess and mommy shana

Quietly, spring has crept into the damp, cold, dark world that was winter. With it comes the good things (green leaves, liberating the children from the house, birds chirping) and the bad (daylight savings time, yard work, and final exams). It also brings with it some uncertainty as Greta will be undergoing serial casting this summer on her left leg. Her tone inexplicably turned so tight in her left foot she began toe walking and turning in her knee causing tibia torsion, or twisting of her shin bones. She will undergo very focused Botox and then her foot will be placed in a cast for 4-6 weeks, changing the angle of the cast each week. Our hope is to correct her gait and get her ankle back from its current 90 degree angle. She will be fitted for new leg braces and night splint after the cast is off. All new things for us, so we spend a lot of time thinking about how we plan to spend the dog days of summer with an angry two year old in a cast that can’t get wet.

But spring brings with it another big change: that’s right the twins are no longer babies, they will soon be real toddlers when they turn two years old. Since they’ve gotten a head start on the terrible twos part, we are actually looking forward to this milestone. We already notice some changes. The difference between playing outside last year (“Gus stop eating dirt”, “Greta you are scooting a hole in your pants”) to this year (“Gus at least eat the dirt from the flower beds, its fresher” “Greta stop picking all my daffodils”) is stark. The fact that the three kids can play outside relatively unattended while engaging in only mild shenanigans is great. It is true that all three seem to always end up naked, and it is true that this isn’t winning us any prizes with our new neighbors whose similarly aged children all remain clothed, but there is something very amusing about watching our three naked butts chatting through the fence with the pristine and slightly scandalized children next door.

So right about now we should say how the time flew by, and how it feels like just last week we were holding a newborn twin in each arm and yelling out the door to Jack to get back in the house and for the love of god stop bringing us worms. However, we don’t feel that way. We feel like it was a lifetime ago mommy Jess was as big as a house (seriously, there are photos but mommy Jess routinely refuse to release them) and feeling the twins roll and kick all night long. We were different people who hugged each other tight and couldn’t contain our excited smiles at 6:00 in the morning as a thunderstorm gathered above us that day the twins were born back in April 2009. That couldn’t possibly have been us. We feel like every day since then has been as long, and as complex, as a lifetime.

In the past two years we’ve learned a lot. We’ve gained so much knowledge, so much confidence, and so much experience but we would be lying if we didn’t say we have lost some too. We’ve lost some innocence, we’ve lost some sweetness, we’ve lost some friends, we’ve lost our world view, and we’ve lost a large chunk of our hearts. But before you write us off as being bitter old heartbroken lonely shrews (okay, that’s pretty close to right) we must say that we feel more balanced than ever before. We suppose we are real grownups now. We feel like we can withstand the winds of winter and still welcome the buds of spring.

Greta, you’ve got two nailed. You are bossy, indignant, insistent, hilarious, unashamed, overconfident, and fearless. You are interested in everything and are able to charm even the most hardened doctor with your wide smile and perfect curls. You have taught us many things in the past two years, but we have the distinct feeling you are just getting warmed up.

So happy birthday Greta and Gus, here’s to two (but just so you know, we will always consider you, all of you, Jack included, our babies forever and ever, regardless of the passage of time).