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Monday, January 17, 2011

Resolutions and Reviews by mommy Jess

Not only is it the expectation that one makes New Year’s resolutions (and post them on their blog) it is also the expectation that most blogs offer some kind of year in review, so here you go…

2010 in review:
We found out Greta had a stroke on January 13, 2010 via MRI during a hospital stay spurred by seizures. We were sad to see the actual damage on her brain in black and white, but not necessarily surprised because mommy Shana and I both knew for some time that something was going on with Greta. That day, that moment, when we saw the MRI results, was both a punch in the gut and a relief to finally have an answer to so much worry and wondering.

Since then we’ve been working with therapists and doctors to get Greta up to speed and can report with great joy that she is walking, that she is talking very well, and that she is one of the hardest working babies I know.

In 2010 we’ve traveled to Denver, painted most of our house, watched Gus and then finally Greta take their first steps, heard first words, fully transitioned from “baby” to “toddler”, watched Jack grow into a big boy, learned all about dinosaurs and then Spiderman, we’ve gone to zoos and pumpkin patches and gardens and even Chuck E. Cheese a few times. In other words, we’ve lived our lives.

In 2010 we asked a lot of questions too. Questions about the future, and about the past. We played “what if” everyday (and to be honest most nights too). We dared to feel grief in public and we dared to be angry about loss. We talked about the social isolation of disability and homophobia and we made decisions to make up our own milestones and live our own way whether with friends and support or without. We thought about tone and balance and wondered, always, if we were doing the right thing. We asked nicely, tried reason, and finally begged for people to stop using terms that belittled our child, and all children with special needs, and failed miserably, left to move on knowing that for some the power to dismiss an entire group of people as less than others with cruel rhetoric was more important than being a good friend.

We’ve resolved to go to more fun places and have more adventures.
We’ve resolved to spend more time with friends who treat our family (all members) with respect.
We’ve resolved to challenge cruelty towards those in the minority despite it making people uncomfortable and us unpopular.
We’ve resolved to eat more ice cream snow and listen to music that moves us whenever we feel like it.
We’ve resolved to be honest and speak from the heart.
And, finally we’ve resolved to find peace, in whatever form, and whatever way we can in 2011.

A very happy New Year to all of you and a very hearty goodbye to 2010, which brought with it every possible emotion imaginable and will be remembered but not necessarily missed.

To Greta:
Greta, what can I say about resolutions? You’ll probably watch mommy Jess make and break many during your life. But, there is something to be said about the smooth expansiveness of the unmarred year that unfold upon us on the stroke of midnight each new year’s eve and here’s to another chance to do things “right”.

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