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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moving forward....

Mommy Shana was nice enough to update our dear readers with the exciting news that you can walk. What she didn’t have time to say was that you can REALLY walk. You walk everywhere. In the dewy grass, on the fluffy carpet, on the slippery hard wood floor and on the cold concrete of the front porch. Yes, you tumble more than we’d like (shout out to whoever invented surgical glue, you saved us several stitches a few days ago), but you are so happy to finally be able to walk. And we are so proud of you. It was with tears streaming down our cheeks we recorded your first steps and frankly, we haven’t been able to look away at your cherubic smiling face as you stomp along, side by side with your brothers, since.

What mommy Shana also didn’t have time (or maybe the heart) to write is that our family has fallen under some criticism lately. It seems that disabilities are okay to talk about, but only the mysterious blessings and happy moments, not the sadness and frustration. I’ve been a fan of the idea of “both/and” even before it became the most recent feminist battle cry and I stand by the assertion that one can feel great joy and great sadness (get ready to have your mind blown folks) at the same time. I expect you to be capable of such complexities too Greta, and feel it would be a disservice to you to make a blog that merely painted hearts over the hard work you have done and pasted smiley faces over the not-so-fun parts of our lives. So here’s to months of slowly plodding in a circle around our home, sweaty hand clasped in mommy Shana’s palm, grunting, groaning, falling and flailing and somehow teaching yourself how to take those first shuddering steps. And here is to insults hurled at a little girl who walks funny and has lesbo moms and to those experiences motivating us to find exciting new friendships. And here is to being allowed to look back at where you’ve been and look forward toward the future at the same time. I wouldn’t be the mother I promised you I’d be if I didn’t insist that you be allowed to experience all that life has to offer, pain and happiness, longing and motivation, difficulty and ease, love and loss, sorrow and joy.