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Friday, July 16, 2010

A family mystery: Gus

I'm trying to bring a little humor to your blog since the last two posts were a little depressing. Your moms have found that one way to bring in some innocent fun family humor, is to talk about your brother Gus. Your blog speaks all about how cerebral palsy can affect the life of a child and his or her family.....but it leaves out other disorders/conditions that others in our family are consumed by. Namely, Gus's eremikophobia, a phobia of sand or deserts. It's time we devote a little time to this mental disorder that your brother has, and how it affects our family and his quality of life, including ruined family outings, possible trips to beaches and parks, as well as the social isolation and stares we receive from strangers who can't figure out what Gus's problem is. Now, I'm not exactly sure if eremikophobia is the correct term or spelling, but none the less Gus screams when in sand and sometimes even just when near it. He lifts up his legs, screams, shakes, points at his family to save him, etc. Even a blanket sometimes isn't enough to convince him that the sand won't touch him. In my opinion that's a serious phobia. Especially since the sand is safe, made more obvious to Gus by the fact that his brother and sister spend hours playing in it next to his screaming face. No amount of encouragement or assurance can get Gus to accept sand into his life.....this is why we call him a eremikophobiac, or in other words, a sand phobic freak.
Many times we have had to leave a nice park, and we don't even attempt to go to any type of beach as we know that Gus will have one of his "episodes." Families stare at us with looks of confusion and terror as your brother screams near sand for what appears to be no apparent reason. We know this is mental, we know he can't help it, he may have even been born this way....we love him the same. But Greta...Just so you know, you are not the only person who has a condition that is unknown in origin, and can make certain situations or parts of life, a little tricky. There is however, a chance that Gus will overcome this phobia and a good chance that you won't be completely "cured" of yours. Though at this time we can tell you, you get to have fun in the sand with your brother Jack for hours on end, and Gus doesn't because he's sand phobic, he has eremikophobia, and it's humiliating for everyone in the family.