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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jack's got her back! by mommy Shana

Since almost the birth of the twins, Jack decided that Greta was "his" baby. In fact, he called both of them Greta until Gus was about 3 months old. Anyway, It seems that Jack knew Greta needed the big brother more than Gus, he new before us....always protective of her, and still, always siding with her over Gus. I wish I knew what it was about her that drew him to her so quickly. He showed her the ropes early on, showed her books, asked to hold her often, took toys from Gus to give to her.....and still, if the two are fighting over toys, Jack steps in and gives the toy to Greta. In Jacks defense, Greta usually has it first and Gus crawls over and takes it. But, Greta is quite the toy hoarder and is a master manipulator. She wants everything she see's, when she see's it, and will stop at nothing to get it. She will point and scream until you get it for her.....and of course we always give it to her, it's not her fault she can't crawl yet and Gus can, so we often give her an extra boost. She may be physically challenged, but she certainly isn't lacking the manipulative skills to get what she wants, that's for sure!

Now, don't think that Gus is in anyway missing out or being left out. Jack is constantly making him laugh, and he and Greta also have been known to make each other laugh as well. I have noticed Gus and Jack beginning to form a stronger bond, so he certainly isn't left of the loop. In my opinion, with Gus's history, I'm surprised Jack plays with him as much as he does. Once on a trip home from the zoo, he cried for 45 minutes straight......we have tons of horror stories about days and nights that involve Gus's constant crying....but we all moved forward, allowing him to be a part of our family, despite ruining almost every family trip, and preventing many others from occurring in the first place. He's a baby so we are willing to all forgive him....we are just not ready to forget just yet!

Anyway, what I want to say to you Greta, is that your brother Jack is a big part of your journey. He is your protector, he defends you against your hair getting pulled by Gus, he always returns toys to you that Gus comes and takes, and he always shares his food with you, even food your not supposed to have. So although it may seem sometimes like Gus has the advantage since he can easily use both arms in combat, and because he can get away from you and also charge at you.......I just want you to know, you have Jack. For some reason he has chosen, on his own, to be your defender, your protector, your advocate, your big brother. Yes, it's unfair that Gus is always at an advantage. But rest assured, you got Jack on your side, always making sure your treated equally, always making sure you get what you want.

So Jack, thank you for being the big brother that you are. I didn't know it was even possible for a first born to be so accepting of younger siblings, especially 2 at once! You make both your brother and sister laugh on a daily basis, and you are always so happy to see them every morning, and after every nap. You always make sure to remind us not to forget them on outings! Though we have never forgotten them, you always want them to join in the family fun.
You surprised me big time with your ability to adapt, you did so better than your mommies. Just like Greta, you are my little thank you buddy.


  1. And now I'm crying... All three of these kids are great... and a little whack-a-doo (as we say in our family).

  2. LOL.....not about the crying, but the whack-a-doo (great phrase, I may start to use it).