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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take that adenoids! By mommy Shana

Today Greta got up (unwillingly) at 6:00am to have her adenoids removed, as well as a tube put in her other ear (she has one in the left already). The Dr. thinks that the adenoids were what was causing the excessive fluid in her ears and ear infections. Of course this means that today....Greta couldn't eat this morning, and if you know Greta, you know this is a problem! To top it off, she had to wait until 9:30am to actually have the procedure since the OR was occupied longer than expected so her surgery was delayed an extra couple hours. After the surgery she slept 2 hours and screamed when she woke so they gave her some medication for pain and she went back to sleep. She's home now and sleeping upstairs. The botox therapy couldn't be coordinated so this means an extra sedation and an extra co-payment. If only the medical community could coordinate better I think it would save many people a ton of money as well as time off work and of course extra pain for the patient. Her botox is now at the end of May since it's not recommended she be sedated again for at least 30 days. I was hoping to have the botox now so she could benefit more from P.T., but a month away isn't too long. All in all, things went well and she came through just fine as expected. The picture above is before her surgery, she wasn't too happy after for a post pic!

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