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Friday, April 23, 2010

Berber and braces just don't get mommy shana

So, Greta got her braces the day before her first birthday. A few things were wrong with them as far as braces go....long story short she gets another pair soon. In the meantime, these will do their job.....but Greta is certainly not happy about them at all! Once you get them on her, if you hold her, she's fine. Trying to get the left one on is a nightmare though! Her spastic reflex kicks in and it's like trying to force wood to bend. The schedule for the new shoes makes it worse. An hour on, an hour off. So we are constantly putting these things on her and it feels like it's torture on my part, and probably for her as well. The only reason we have to keep taking them on and off is because they are like a new pair of shoes, they leave blisters if left on too long. But eventually she will wear them all day long without the risk of blisters and without the constant on off that she seems to hate. I know she will get used to them eventually, but in the mean time....I'm finding it hard to force her to wear them (mommy Jess is much better at this kind of thing). But if Greta doesn't walk I will blame myself so I will so what the Dr. says is necessary for Greta to walk, and know that every time it feels like I'm torturing her, I'm actually making it possible for her to walk one day, and lead as normal a life as she can. I hope you know I love you Greta, I wish you could understand that I'm making you uncomfortable out of love. And I'm sorry that you cant do your favorite turn-around twist movement in your new braces! They catch on the berber carpet so you can't move around as well.........don't worry, it's summer and we will spend more time outside!
Next up: Botox on May 22nd.

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  1. Oh Shana, I'm sure my Mom felt so much like you do when I had to wear Braces 24 Hours a day. At least, Greta won't remember them. I remember mine. No plastic then, metal hinges and sides and they were heavy. I had a hard time turning over in bed. And I got athletes foot sooo bad Mom had to wash my feet every night and put two different meds on them. And I had to be careful not to get them very wet or full of sand in the sandbox.
    You are doing your job!! You already know what has to be done. Good for you! Don't worry, when she's walking, you'll congratulate yourself for persevering and mend the pain you feel now.
    Love, Aunt Monica